Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Manage cloud configuration risk with an IaC security tool embedded in Sysdig Secure.

Shift Security Left with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Apply consistent security policies across multiple IaC, cloud, and Kubernetes environments. Autoremediate drift and close the loop from production to source.

Prevent Drift

Scan IaC files before deployment. Map misconfigurations in production back to source.

Prioritize Risk

Prioritize security fixes based on application context, requirements, and dependencies.

Remediate at the Source

Receive fix recommendations at the source with auto-generated pull requests.

“Adding an extra security layer to our infrastructure directly at the source was easy, and on top of that, the remediation feature integrates smoothly with our development workflow.”

– John Smith, principal container security engineer at Company

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security Software with Policy as Code

IaC Manifest Scanner

Scan for misconfigurations across IaC tools including Terraform, Helm, or YAML files. Prioritize IaC fixes that remediate the most security issues.

Scan IaC Manifests

Enforce compliance and governance via policy as code from source to production. Bridge the gap between teams with a shared policy model.

Automated Compliance and Governance

Map production deployments to the IaC source file and detect runtime drift. Get auto-generated pull requests with fix recommendations.

Fix Once at the Source

Apply curated policies crafted leveraging OPA, the OSS standard for policy management across your Kubernetes workloads.

Based on OPA
Scan IaC Manifests
Automated Compliance and Governance
Fix Once at the Source
Based on OPA